Never before seen pricing with the Plus Package from ActronAir which includes:


Energy efficient digital technology makes ESP Plus up to 60% more energy efficient than conventional fixed speed systems.


Superb comfort and energy savings through digital technology

ESP Plus keeps you superbly comfortable all year round without wasting energy, operating with such precision you’ll forget you even have the system on. And because of that precise control, you can also save some serious cash when the electricity bill arrives.

The award winning, energy efficient ESP Plus ducted system

ActronAir's Connect Mobile App

Easy to use L-Series controller

These are available for a limited time only,  on 13kW, 15kW and 19kW single phase systems. Leave your details for a free quote and one of our accredited ActronAir dealers will contact you.

Variable Fan Technology adjusts the airflow as low as 20%, for just the right amount of air and no more.

With a clean and easy to use design, Actron Connect makes setting your perfect comfort as simple as a single touch.


Designed to perform in Australian conditions

ESP Plus comes with Tru-Blue technology, a range of features custom designed to provide better comfort and more energy efficient performance in one of the harshest climates on Earth.

More Choice 

Choose between Day/Night and Individual Room (with VFT) zoning, to find the right answer for you. 

Variable Fan technology – Australia’s most advanced fan technology Perfectly matches the amount of air ESP Plus generates with your specific needs, for the perfect amount of air and no more. What does this mean for you? Better comfort and lower power bills.

More Inclusions 

ESP Plus comes with more of what you need included as standard, including an integrated zone card, up to 2 temperature sensing points, on-board temperature sensor, and integrated zone control. 

Sense More technology – maintain your temperature more evenly Supports more temperature sensing points, to more evenly maintain temperature throughout your home no matter the time of day. 

Smarter Performance

ESP Plus features unique technology for smarter performance, including:

Complete Comfort Cover

Guaranteed to work in hotter temperatures You can count on ESP Plus to be there when you need it most, guaranteed to keep operating in hotter temperatures than other brands out there - up to 50°c.

Vertical Discharge

Designed to suit Australian Homes ESP Plus releases hot air vertically, unlike other systems which release it horizontally. Sounds simple, but it’s really important – it means better performance, better energy efficiency, and less chance of break down.

Power Cooling

More powerful cooling in extreme heat Keeps you comfortable even in extreme heat, as the ESP Plus can provide more powerful cooling in extreme temperatures than other systems on the market.

Aussie Tough

Built to last in our challenging climate A range of unique design features mean that ESP Plus is built Aussie Tough to handle our conditions, including a Louvered Grille, Powder Coating, and Hydrophilic Blue Fin Coil Coat.

Australia’s best zoning

ESP Plus is powered by Tru-Zone technology for the ultimate in comfort and efficienciy, with more choice, more inclusions, and smarter performance.

Full Zone Control 

Gives you full control over which zones are on or off. Better yet they’re fully customisable, so you can name them however you’d like – Kids Room, Man Cave, TV Room – whatever you like

Set & Forget Timer 

Setup a countdown timer that either turns your system on or off when it suits you best – it’s set & forget comfort!

Wireless control at home, or away 

Whether it’s cooling your house down on the way home from work, or getting your kitchen cosy and warm before you get out of bed, ActronConnect puts comfort in the palm of your hand.

Actron Connect 

It’s complete comfort in the palm of your hands.

Whether you’re at home or away, Actron Connect gives you complete control of your ESP Plus system. Actron Connect’s clean design and colour coded modes makes controlling your comfort easy, allowing you to access the power button, system status, current & set temperature, mode settings, and fan speed, all with 1 touch from the home page.

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The best analogue control on the market.

Available in your choice of grey or white, the L-Series comes packed with all the features you need to receive the best comfort and performance.

Integrated zoning

Clean and simple design 

Near Field Communication (NFC) 

Precise temperature control 

Advanced scheduling functions